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Matthew Phares Annotated Bibliography Alessandro. Personal Interview. 19 Oct. 2008. Ale has been studying at WVU for a few years now and he is now a graduate student. He has stepped up and has tried to become the retention officer for towers. Ale is in charge of towers retention rate, he meets with students who are falling below a certain GPA. Ale keeps an eye on certain student s who have lower GPA coming into college or who have a bad family background. He makes sure they get the right resources they need to succeed. Ale has given me many facts and reasons why students leave or withdrawal from the school. For example the biggest complaint in the halls is noise and this is why many students cannot focus during the day and get their work done. Bob and Dara Whitmore. Personal Interview. 23 Oct. 2008. Bob and Dara Whitmore have been at WVU for 33 semesters now and they have an extensive knowledge about faculty and the students here. Bob and Dara have both been to college themselves and now they are back to help out students with the same problem they have. Bob is not only a Riffle but a teacher as well he teaches a rescue class that holds 500 students just so these students don’t have to withdrawal. This leadership team
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Annotated Bibliography - Matthew Phares Annotated...

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