Argument Analysis - Matt Phares English 102 September 10,...

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Matt Phares English 102 September 10, 2008 Russia’s Flashback To 1968 During the nights of August 20-21, 1968, Russia used thousands of tanks and Warsaw Pact soldiers to invade Czechoslovakia with a goal of preventing a Soviet satellite launching, which would have lead to a democratic reform. This past August 2008, Russia is again starting to send out tanks and soldiers to Georgia with the same goal of preventing democratic reforms. If Russia is allowed to stop democratic reforms then who knows where Russia will stop; perhaps a new Hitler may arise, this is why Russia must not be allowed to revert back to 1968. If the global community continues to step up and stop Russia, then Russia will be put in its place and should be kept on a leash per se. Russia must not be allowed to revert back to communism or even anything that somewhat resembles its past. With this in mind the author uses pathos, logos, ethos to make a strong argument but the main support for the article consist mostly of ethos and pathos. “Russia’s Flashback to 1968” written by Anne Applebaum was published in the Washington Post Newspaper on Tuesday, August 19, 2008; Page A 13. Applebaum claims that Russia is headed down the path of communism once again just as in 1968. Russia is showing signs of aggression towards Georgia, Ukraine, and the Baltic States and if this continues then the world could be facing another super power. I think that that she has made a successful claim but as with every successful claim it does have its ups and downs. The warrant of the article is that Russia has invaded other countries before; they are bound to do it again. This is a good warrant
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because as the saying goes, history is doomed to repeat itself. I believe that her use of ethos and pathos supports her warrant but her use of logos to support her warrant is very weak. Applebaum gives numerous examples of pathos and ethos but only a few of logos, and this weakens her paper greatly. In the article “Russia’s Flashback To 1968” written by Anne Applebaum, Applebaum is
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Argument Analysis - Matt Phares English 102 September 10,...

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