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Politics - for a government contractor when I am not at...

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Matt Phares English 102 August 21, 2008 Politics I believe that politics are important in my life for many reasons. This school year I am employed as a Resident Assistant in Braxton tower. I live on the fifth floor which is a coed floor. Politics play a large role in my job for numerous reasons including everything from gossip about coworkers to gossip about our residents. Also politics affects me due to not only my job as a government contractor but my Dad’s job as well. As a Resident Assistant (RA) I work with 18 other RA’s to keep the tower a safe and enjoyable living environment for my residents and myself. If I allow my residents to start using politics to create rumors about other residents, then my floor could possibly take a turn for the worse. This would directly affect because my job is to be a mediator on the floor and basically keep the peace. Another way politics affect my life is through the government. I work
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Unformatted text preview: for a government contractor when I am not at school. If the right politicians take office then passes a bill to force the government to cease work with contractors then I would be out of a job. MY father works for the government so any tin change would affect my dad directly in turn meaning it world affect me. I am not very interested in politics but if it starts to affect me directly then I like to be well educated in the subject matter. Many of my personal opinions come from how I was raised and what I think is right or wrong. I was raised in a military family so many of my choice are very similar to those of a republican. I vote republican and side with the republicans but not all my views are the same as republicans. Politics play a larger role in my life than I realized and it affects me even more. Between my two jobs politics are a big factor in my life and I did not even realize it....
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Politics - for a government contractor when I am not at...

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