Essay #1 Rewritting for upload

Essay #1 Rewritting for upload - A w a d | 1 The Race for...

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Unformatted text preview: A w a d | 1 The Race for Presidency, and Anything I t Takes to Win Politicians all across Washington gathered on this day, at the Democratic National Convention to listen to a visionary who has struggled through the hard times of a common American. For with these experiences, comes an understanding of the needs of his fellow citizens. This man is Barak Obama, whose father immigrated to this land of opportunity to make a better life for himself and his family. Senator Obama is speaking on behalf of his idea of a t rue leader that will fight for the rights of his people and stand up for their civil liberties. He speaks of a nation that is in desperate need of reforms and new policies that will ensure the quality of life for its citizens. The speech that was delivered addresses many topics of political and social awareness through the use of ethos, pathos and logos to appeal to the emotions of his listeners. Senator Obama came from a history of repression and pessimistic ideals of a country that has falsely advertised “equality to all”. The United States was founded on the basis of opening doors to people that do not have equal opportunities. Having a fairly new face in the environment of high powered officials, Senator Obama had to appeal to his listeners by creating a profound interest of t rust. Senator Obama created a sense of understanding and credibility in his speech by addressing the A w a d | 2 issue of his family origins. Having come from an African background he was exposed to years of prejudice and inequality that have shaped his goals of providing leadership skills to his nation. Having this credibility allowed for his audience to leadership skills to his nation....
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Essay #1 Rewritting for upload - A w a d | 1 The Race for...

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