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All viroids have ribozyme activity. – F (Only two have ribozyme activity) All virusoids have ribozyme activity. – T All eukaryotic cells have RNA-induced Silencing Complex (RISC). – T Dicer is evolutionarily conserved in worms, flies, plants, fungi and mammals. – T RNA dependent RNA polymerases are found in nearly every eukaryote except insects and animals. – T 11. 15-STEP Comprehensive Review STEP ONE: Nature & Comp. Absolute Parasitism Viruses – RNA OR DNA; NO growth, fission metabolism, motility ABSOLUTE parasites > CANNOT replicate outside a living cell CAN become a functional part of the cell > cause cancer “Budding” – viruses get a piece of host cell membrane to exit Herpes (oral, genital) – go into ganglia, hide Anti-viral – Acyclovir (HSV); Amantidine, Rimantidine (flu A); AZT, protease inhibitor (HIV1); Neuramindinase inhibitor, Ribavirin (flu) Antibiotics have NO effect on virus; only avoid 2 nd ry infect’n by bacs NA Enzymes RNA: 2’OH (ribose); DNA: 2’H (deoxy-); 3’&5’ C link to phosphates
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