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CARNA5 > Satellite R N A (NOT VIRUS) & does NOT code for capsid Southern Bean Mosaic Virus Have small CIRCULAR COVALENTLY CLOSED RNAs (virusoid) Hep D Virus Parasite of Hep B; the only CIRCULAR RNA virus CAPSID is stolen from Hep B but DOES code for POLYMERASE Adeno Associated Virus NOT a satellite virus, i.e. NOT deficient in capsid or polymerase BUT need ADENOVIRUS or HEPES or UV to START replication STEP SEVEN: Uncoating, Replication & TMV Subgenome Uncoating Viruses enter the body > stick to cell surface > uncoat > enter the cell Uncoating Timeline: 10-15 min after inoculation - viruses still coated by capsid Resistant to RNase degradation 15 m - 2hrs – viruses uncoat, still on the cell surface Now RNase can degrade naked viral RNA 2 h < - viruses have entered the cell RNase (outside the cell) can no longer touch viruses RNase are NOT floating in cytoplasm (IN lysosome) Naked RNAs infect faster than coated RNAs Eclipse phase – cannot see viruses but replication is happening Endocytosis
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