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(CB); GEitis; diarrhea NOT frequent Pancreas > maybe Type1 insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (CB) Respiratory tract > pneumonia; Eyes > conjunctivitis Others > Polymyositis (inflammation of muscles, CA); Encephalitis; Poliomyelitis; Myocarditis 14. NO vaccine ECHO (Enteric Cytopathogenic Human Orphan) 1. Humans, primates; 2. Picorna, Entero; 4. VLA-2, DAF 10. Oropharynx, stomach, lower intestinal tract 12. Oral-faecal, food, inoculation, blood, mother to fetus 13. Mostly SUBCLINICAL; but a wide spectrum of diseases Rhino 1. HRV > limited to humans; 2. Picorna, Rhino 3. Sensitive to ACID > Rhinoviruses do NOT infect GI tract; 4. ICAM-1 9. 91 SEROTYPES; 10. epithelial surface of the NASAL MUCOSA (33° C) 12. Airborne & direct contact 13. Common cold; mild, acute respiratory disease; 14. NO vaccine Hepato (HAV) 1. Humans & primates; 2. Picorna, Hepato 3. RESISTANT to HIGH TEMP. & ACID, mildly resistant to chemicals 5. VPg, Poly-A tail, IRES 9. LITTLE GENETIC DRIFT; 10. Replication in LIVER
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