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Version A 1. All polymerases require a primer for replication A. TRUE B. FALSE 2. All DNA viruses have genes for DNA dependent DNA polymerases A. TRUE B. FALSE 3. Actinomycin D specifically inhibits the viral RNA polymerases that are DNA-dependent A. TRUE B. FALSE 4. All viral polymerases have methyl-transferase activity A. TRUE B. FALSE 5. If the coat protein of Herpes Simplex Virus has 150 hexamers, then its triangulation number is T = 12 A. TRUE B. FALSE 6. Which statement(s) is/are true about plant virus transmission? 1. Most viruses can be transmitted by zoospores and pollen 2. Circulative viruses cross the gut wall of aphids to go into haemocoel, and eventually enter the salivary glands, where they replicate 3. A potato tuber infected by Potyvirus gives rise to infected potato plants through mechanical transmission 4. Circulative viruses can be transmitted to the progeny of insect vectors via transovarian transmission 5. In some plant viruses, carbohydrates used for pinocytosis play important roles in
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