Greek Myth - Lecture 1 2000 BC Christianity introduced...

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January 17, 2007 Lecture 1 2000 BC Christianity introduced North side of Mediterranean (Turkey); Strait of Gibraltar What is an ancient Greek? o Greeks were unified by the Romans o people who are ethnically/culturally different from other Mediterranean people o bicker with each other o share common mythology (fiction) and religion- to them, myths are fundamentally true (a system of thinking) Trojan War (most transforming event) o Zeus: primary, male god o Thetis is a sea nymph; immortal (minor goddess); beautiful so Zeus pursues her Themis (“natural law”- the way things are, you can’t change it) tells Zeus that Thetis will have a son that is greater than his father so Zeus forgets her Zeus’ brother Poseidon (god of the sea) is interested in Thetis Zeus fears her so he seek Peleus (virtuous man) to reward him with marriage to her Thetis will change shape and if Peleus holds onto her until the end, she will become his bride he hangs onto to “fire”, “water” and wins her many gods- Zeus must maintain his superiority especially over his brother mortal and immortal world clash but contain similar values January 19, 2007 Lecture 2 Heinrich Schliemann o interested in Troy and believed it existed Trojan War- told by Homer (500 BC) o love and war Paris eloped with Helen and goes back to his father, Priam Agamemnon takes revenge war- Troy destroyed Thetis --- Peleus Zeus --- Hera | Athena and Aphrodite o everyone is invited to the wedding except Eris (goddess of discord) Eris finds out Introduces conflict at the wedding: rolls a golden apple and writes “Who is the most beautiful?” on it Zeus has to decide whether to give it to Hera, Athena, or Aphrodite o at Mount Ida is a man named Paris who Zeus allows to give judgment
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January 22, 2007 Lecture 3 o Paris has to assess the 3 women o Hera: Paris will become the greatest statesman in the world (political since she is a sovereign queen) o Athena: Paris will become the greatest warrior (warrior goddess) o Aphrodite: Paris will get the most beautiful woman, Helen (love goddess- erotic attraction, beauty, sexuality) Paris chooses Aphrodite o Helen is already married to Menelaus When she was young, her parents realized she was beautiful o Aristocratic family- she will be given to a suitor- many suitors pursue her 2 oaths suitors must keep before marriage (devised by Odysseus) abide by decision of Helen and parents if anybody should try to contravene the marriage later, all suitors will gather to keep the marriage together 2 piles of horse flesh: a suitor must take it into his hand and swear the oaths chooses Menelaus (Sparta) because he has a brother, Agamemnon, who married Helen’s sister, Clytemnestra Helen and Menelaus is in Sparta when a man arrives o Why is Helen interested in Paris? Paris forcibly takes her to Troy (Rape of Helen) when she was happily
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Greek Myth - Lecture 1 2000 BC Christianity introduced...

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