5K-108 - Net ID_KEY A QUIZ 5a 1(5 pts The graph on the left...

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° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° V in [S] V m Net ID ___KEY A _____ QUIZ 5a 10/8/08 1. (5 pts) The graph on the left does not show raw data. Instead, for the plot of V in vs [S] shown on the left, each data point was obtained from a graph of a certain set of measurements. On the right, draw the graph that shows this set of raw data measurements used to obtain one such V in vs [S] point. Show directly on your plot how this graph would be used. Label axes. 2. (12 pts) Match each description with one graph of the rxn: Use a graph A-E any number of times as an answer. E + S ES E + P (More than one answer might be correct, but pick just one ) a. _D __ ES dissociation constant > 1 b. _B __ Rate-determining step for P formation is binding of E to S c. _C __ Equilibrium constant for formation of P < 1 d. _E ___ Tightest binding of E to S e. B (or D) Km Ks f. _ A __ Ks = 1.0 3. (6 pts) Draw the graph that describes an enzyme active site that requires a protonated His, pKa 6, for catalysis. SHOW NUMERICAL VALUES ON THE x-AXIS. 4. (2 pts) Write the Michaelis-Menten equation: V = Vm[S]/(Km + [S]) 5. (5 pts) Refer to the projected color PyMOL images and the PyMOL PDB assignment. a. What small molecules are shown in image A? _CAFFEINE __ b. Images B & C show the same molecule. How many polypeptide chains does this protein have? __ 2 __ What kind of small molecule is shown in sticks near the center of this protein? INHIBITOR _ Describe it briefly however you can. c. What are the "organic" groups shown in spheres in image d?
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5K-108 - Net ID_KEY A QUIZ 5a 1(5 pts The graph on the left...

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