8K - Net ID_KEY A BIOBM3310 QUIZ 8a A insulin B glucagon C...

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Net ID __KEY A BIOBM3310 QUIZ 8a 11/11/09 1. (7 pts) In each blank below, write in one letter from the columns A. insulin G. G-1-P on the right. B. glucagon H. F-1,6-BP a. [glucose] in blood is low. Which hormone signal appears? __ B _ C. aconitase I. glycogen phosphorylase D. adenylate cyclase J. phosphorylase kinase b. Which activated enzyme has many different target proteins? __ M _ E. PFK-2/FBPase-2 K. glycogen synthase F. pyruvate kinase L. several phosphatases c. Which 5 proteins are direct targets of (b) after the M. protein kinase A hormone signal (a) appears: _ E _ _ F __ _ J ___ _ K _ _ L _ 2. (10 pts) The Citric Acid Cycle is shown on the right. For (a - d) write the number(s) of the step(s) described below. If more than one number fits, write them all. a. ________ 2a _______ a dehydration rxn b. ___ 1, 3, 4 ___ highly regulated enzyme at this step c. _ 3, 4, 6, 8 ____ oxidation occurs d. _______ 1 ______ formation of a tertiary alcohol Circle the high energy intermediate that yield GTP in the next step. 3. (2 pts) Write the overall equation for the reaction that occurs in the Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Complex: Pyruvate + CoA + NAD+ Acetyl-CoA + CO2 + NADH 4. (4 pts) Refer to the color projection from the PFK-1 PyMOL assignment. a. Circle the correct answer: Image A of PFK-1 shows:
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8K - Net ID_KEY A BIOBM3310 QUIZ 8a A insulin B glucagon C...

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