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Unformatted text preview: is line is placed incorrectly. Click the line once and hold the left mouse button down and drag the “dividing line to the right between the “4” and the “5”. Click between the “5” and the “6”. Again, bad placement. Double click the bad line and it will be removed. Continue to place lines so that the number is dissected into two number groupings. Once complete, click “Next.” From the new dialog box you can change the formatting of the columns and select columns not to be imported through the process if required or desired. You can also select a new starting point for the Chapter 13, Page 85 dissected data to be placed. Remember that if you choose a cell other than the origin cell, the data will remain in the origin cell for later use. Click on “Finish” to complete the process. Paste Special When you generate a formula within Excel it is dynamic or “live” and dependent upon its reference cells. If you change a value in a referred cell, the results of the formula will change according unless “Manual Calculations” has been invoked through the Tools > Options > Calculations dialog box. As shown in the “Concatenate” function and worksheet, changing a cell will change the text string produced by the function. There is a way to convert formulas into their results which stops this without retyping or reentering all of the data. Copy the target cell, in this case, click into cell B1 on the Paste Special data file, which is a copy of the “Concatenate” data file. This cell contains a live formula or function of Excel that creates the text string about foxes and dogs. In the formula window you will see the presentation of the formula. Use the keystrokes Ctrl-C, click on the copy icon (two overlaying sheets) on the tool bar, follow the path Edit > Copy, or right click and select the “Copy” option from the pop-up menu to copy the cell. This copies the formula or function onto the Windows clipboard. Place your cursor back over the B2 cell and right click the cell to get a pop-up menu or follow the path Edit > Paste Special to get the same pop-up menu. From the...
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