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Unformatted text preview: ot; ",A11," ",SUM(A12+A14)," ",A15," ",A16," ",A17,".") This formula or function results in: The 2 quick brown foxes were chased by the 4 slow black dogs. Which includes the number of foxes and dogs as summed by the embedded formulas of “Sum.” Hint: Embedded functions and formulas do not get introduced with an “=”. With this function you can create the mailing label string for invoicing as shown in cells A21 through E24. In this situation, since the data is intentionally entered horizontally, the “Concatenate” formula was written into cell E21 and dragged through rows 24. Section 2, Page 82 Chapter 13, Page 83 Assume that you are making custom pens and pencils and using “Smart Part Numbers” – numbers that indicate through a consistency of presentation what they are or what they do. The code is: First Part: PN – Pen part PL – Pencil part Second Part G – Gold S – Silver B – Black N – N/A – No color Third Part: UP – Upper portion LP – Lower portion: Fourth Part: TB – Tube BK – Blank TP – Top plug or insert CL – Clip MB – Middle band NB – Tip OM – Operating mechanism PNR – Pen refill PLR – Pencil refill Starting at row 27 of the “Concatenate” data file the part numbers are established by whether it is a pen or pencil part, by its plating, whether it is an upper or lower portion part, and then the part itself. When the part numbers are set into the matrix of cells H29 through K39, the “Concatenate” formulas in column L assembles the number into a string of numbers (hard to remember for inventory – use alphanumeric combinations in real life). The “Concatenate” formulas in column M reads the part number matrix and then assembles the “code” of two and three letter identifiers through “Vlookup” functions. Lastly, the “Concatenate” formulas in column O reads the part matrix and through “Vlookup” assembles the text description of the parts necessary for the pen or pencil. The dashes and spaces are put in as a portion of the “Concatenate” formula. Through the use of relational and absolute references, the formulas can be dragged and moved without changi...
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