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Jk conners valley realty san diego county san diego

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Unformatted text preview: 87 Page 88 Solving Accounting Principles Problems Using Excel for Windows Clue: The titling of “Template” as utilized for the exercises and problems of the text has a meaning of all of the students has the same document. Within Excel, “Template” is a (normally) read only document that is kept in this status to maintain standardization and preclude the population of these forms. This table, contained on the “Land” worksheet of the “Asset Acquisition” data file, utilizes “Sum If” capabilities to determine the totals of costs that can be capitalized and costs that are period expenses. Asset: Land plot at 3rd and B Streets Item: Classification: Amount: Purchase price Acquisition $75,000 Commissions Acquisition $3,750 Back taxes Acquisition $4,200 Current taxes Period $1,250 Title search Acquisition $750 Title insurance Acquisition $1,500 Survey costs Acquisition $2,000 Filing fee Acquisition $45 Prepaid interest Period $425 Acquisition costs: Period costs: Total: Date: Paid to: Mrs. J.K. Conners Valley Realty San Diego County San Diego County County Title Svc State Title Insurance Inland Survey Svc San Diego County Lenders Banking Ltd January 2, 2008 Document location: 3rd & B St file 3rd & B St file SD Cty Tax file SD Cty Tax file 3rd & B St file 3rd & B St file 3rd & B St file SD Cty Tax file Lenders Banking $87,245 $1,675 $88,920 Since Excel can “Link” or “Look To” other worksheets and workbooks, the values in these tables can be used to provide information to the depreciation schedules as appropriate. The key to success is knowing what you did and being able to prove it. Excel can become a database for information using techniques like this even though other programs are more effective; user familiarity, user comfort, and stability are keys with retrievability and recover. Depreciation All depreciation files are in the “Depreciation” data file on the data disk. They all utilize a single reference source on the “Input” worksheet. Ea...
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