BIO 32 PRE - BIO 32 PRE-FINAL EXAM II Pointers for...

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BIO 32 PRE-FINAL EXAM II Pointers for Pre-final Exam II (Chapters 26-30) 1. What do you call the scientifc discipline concerend with naming organism/ 2. Give the correct representation of the binomial scientific name for African lion. 3. What is the so-called “rooted” phylogenetic tree? 4. Gice the importance of computers and of computer software to modern cladistics. 5. Generally, within lineage, the largest number of shared derived characters should be fuond between organisms that are membeers of the same___. Study the following figure: 6. A common ancestor for species C and E could be at position number___. 7. Name the two extant species that most closely related to each other. 8. Identify the species that are extinct. 9. Which extent species should be the best candidate to serve as the outgroup for the clade whose common ancestor occurs at position 2. Use the following figure for the next succeeding questions: 10. Which number represents a polyphyletic taxon? 11. If this figure is an accurate depiction of relatedness, which taxon is unacceptable, based on cladistics. 12. Ultimately, what serves aas the basis for both the maximum principle of parsimony and the principle that shared complexity indicates homology rather than analogy? 13. Shared derived charaters are most likely to
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BIO 32 PRE - BIO 32 PRE-FINAL EXAM II Pointers for...

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