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Midterm 1 Material

Midterm 1 Material - Karyotypes Dolly the Sheep Stem cells...

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First midterm material Transcription / Translation Prions Human characteristics/evolution and human v. chimp Models of human divergence: Multi-regional and Out-of-Africa Mitochondrial DNA Semi-conservative replication "Central dogma" of molecular biology Darwin's selection concepts Population pyramids Mutations (Point, Deletions/Insertions, Re-arrangements) Ames Test Placebo effect p53 / Repressors / Proto-oncogenes Amniocentesis Contact Inhibition Diploid / Haploid Monozygotic / Dizygotic Twins Apoptosis
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Unformatted text preview: Karyotypes Dolly the Sheep Stem cells and cloning (farm, gene) In-vitro fertilization Hereditary Diseases (Non-disjunctions, Kleinfelter's, Jacobs) Autosomal Non-disjunctions (Trisomy 21, 13, 18) Homozygous / Heterozygous Dominant / Recessive Pedigree Genes Alleles Genetic Code Karyotype Polygenic Inheritance Universal blood donor/recipient Characteristics of normal cells and mutated cells Human Ancestors Scientific Method Cell Types Sex-linked traits and diseases Cancer progression and types of tumors...
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