Lecture 2 9-13 - Lecture 2: 9/13/2010 Estrangement and...

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Lecture 2: 9/13/2010 Estrangement and Unity Ideology o If our ideology is how we think about government and politics (our beliefs and ideas) then how we get our ideology is a function of Questions about unity, equality and power Politics and Estrangement Estrangement = alienation = “disunity among human beings” (Tinder pg 23) “Politics is the art of reconciliation” (Tinder pg 23) 1 st question tinder poses: Are we estranged in our essence? o If human nature is such that our deepest satisfactions are experienced in war and conflict, then there is little use in dreaming of universal accord. Much more will be accomplished if we moderate hatreds and confine wars to limited areas. o We are essentially uneasy and suspicious creatures and are inclined in their innermost nature towards aggression and combat. o Estrangement can be manifest in many different forms and often estrangement is manifest in the feeling that other people are strangers. o People are estranged in essence if, when it comes down to what is deepest and most enduring in them, they are at a distance with each other. Another way is seeing if a person finds more joy in living in solidarity than living together. o Essence Ex: A person drunk (not thinking of him as his current drunken state, but looking at who he really is, before being drunk). Essence = ones innermost and basic self. o
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Lecture 2 9-13 - Lecture 2: 9/13/2010 Estrangement and...

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