The Moon Illusion

The Moon Illusion - and I did. I assumed the moon was...

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Juan Cardenas Lawrence Wilder English 092 02 September 2009 Reaction Journal: “The Moon Illusion” Illusions have been an interest to many individuals, altering the mind making your eyes see things, and trying to convince your mind that it is real. One can look for illusions in paintings, books, but why not the moon? In the article “The Moon Illusion”, Thomas D. Nicholson describes the reason why people tend to think that the moon is closer to the earth when it is full and down by the horizon. Is reality defined by what you see, and then your eyes convince your mind that what you see is real, or is it your mind, that first jumps to conclusion right when you set your eyes on an illusion. When I read this article, I thought to myself if I have fallen victim to the moons illusion,
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Unformatted text preview: and I did. I assumed the moon was closer when it was down by the horizon. When Nicholson stated that the moon is actually closer to us when it is over our head, because of the earths curvature, it all made sense. Other theories consisted of people comparing the size of the moon to houses and trees when it is down by the horizon, because it seems so close. A study at Harvard suggested that the mind enlarges the perceived perception of anything viewed in or near a horizontal direction. Illusions in paintings and drawings in books were created by the author, designed to make the viewers see other than what is there. So if the moon is an illusion, the creator of the moon and this earth is an artist and the first real master of deception....
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The Moon Illusion - and I did. I assumed the moon was...

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