aLec20_OCinterrupts - Introduction to Embedded...

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Introduction to Embedded Microcomputer Systems Lecture 20.1 Jonathan W. Valvano Periodic Interrupts Data acquisition (Lab 7) samples ADC Signal generation output to DAC Audio player (Lab 8) Communications Digital controller FSM Linear control system (EE362K) Read Book Sections 9.1, 9.2, 9.4, 9.6.1, 9.6.2 , 9.10 Moore example in Metrowerks Open example and run with FollowPC mode 1) Where does the 9S12 spend most of its time? 2) How do we recover this lost productivity? const struct State{ unsigned char Out; // Output to Port T unsigned short Time; // Time in msec to wait const struct State *Next[4]; // if input =0,1,2,3 }; typedef const struct State StateType; typedef StateType * StatePtr; #define SA &fsm[0] #define SB &fsm[1] #define SC &fsm[2] #define SD &fsm[3] #define SE &fsm[4] #define SF &fsm[5] StateType fsm[6]={ {0x01,2,{SB,SC,SD,SE}}, // SA,SB fast alternate toggle {0x02,2,{SA,SC,SD,SE}}, // SB {0x03,1,{SA,SC,SD,SE}}, // SC both on {0x00,1,{SA,SC,SD,SE}}, // SD both off {0x00,10,{SA,SC,SD,SF}}, // SE,SF together toggle {0x03,10,{SA,SC,SD,SE}} // SF }; StatePtr Pt; // Current State unsigned char Input; //---------FSMInit------------------
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aLec20_OCinterrupts - Introduction to Embedded...

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