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Introduction to Embedded Microcomputer Systems Lecture 21.1 Jonathan W. Valvano Writing embedded systems code in C using Metrowerks Installation Projects Mixed C/assembly PLL Debugger Importing TExaS code from previous labs Exporting object code to simulate in TExaS Installation 9S12/Metrowerks link How to download Metrowerks StarterFiles is a DP512 Metrowerks project is a DP512 TExaS example Projects, look at an example starter file, See Folders Sources programs bin object code, TExaS files xxx.mcp project, can double click this Source code files (you create these) (text) xxx.asm assembly source xxx.c C source code file xxx.h C header file Object code files (created when you compile) (text) xxx.lst multiple assembly listing files
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Unformatted text preview: symbol table object code Create a new project Add a new file called pll.asm SYNR equ $0034 ; CRG Synthesizer Register REFDV equ $0035 ; CRG Reference Divider Register CRGFLG equ $0037 ; CRG Flags Register CLKSEL equ $0039 ; CRG Clock Select Register PLLCTL equ $003A ; CRG PLL Control Register absentry PLL_Init ;********* PLL_Init **************** ; Active PLL so the 9S12 runs at 24 MHz ; Inputs: none ; Outputs: none ; Errors: will hang if PLL does not stabilize PLL_Init movb #$02,SYNR ; 9S12DP512 OSCCLK is 16 MHz movb #1,REFDV movb #0,CLKSEL ; PLLCLK = 2 * OSCCLK * (SYNR + 1) / (REFDV + 1) movb #$D1,PLLCTL ; Clock monitor, PLL On, high bandwidth filter brclr CRGFLG,#$08,* ; wait for PLLCLK to stabilize. bset CLKSEL,#$80 ; Switch to PLL clock rts Add this to main void PLL_Init(void);...
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