aLec30_EmbeddedSystems - Introduction to Embedded...

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Introduction to Embedded Microcomputer Systems Lecture 30.1 Jonathan W. Valvano Debugging in C Show how to implement Heart beats Counters LEDs Scopes Dumps Store into buffer Profile Record time sequence of execution pattern Logic analyzer Embedded Systems Products Speech encoder/decoder in cell phones Audio decoder in MP3 players Audio compensator in a hearing aid Image/video encoder in digital still cameras Anti-locking braking system Engine control system Navigation system in autonomous vehicle Embedded Systems Area at UT Austin Which courses are most relevant & important? EE 345L for components (EE306+EE319K) EE 345M for systems (EE345L and EE322C) EE 345S for DSP applications (EE319+EE313) EE 360R for digital IC design (EE316) What are important technical challenges today? Time-to-market; Maximizing use of Moore’s law -number of transistors/chip doubles every 2y What industries/companies need these skills? Any company making super high volume products
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  • Fall '10
  • valvano
  • Real-time computing, Real-time operating system, embedded system, Embedded Microcomputer Systems, Embedded System Lab

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aLec30_EmbeddedSystems - Introduction to Embedded...

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