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argumentation essay 4 - Labi 1 English 1101 29 July 2010...

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Labi 1 English 1101 29 July 2010 Money, set and match! I never liked my economic class because I always found it very boring and I never understood it. One day this feeling changed: my teacher associated it with something that I liked. He was asking one of his students what was the third world “legal” industry after the oil and the automobile. There were tons of answers like the pharmaceutical industry, the building work; some even answered the fashion industry. But none of them were true. The correct answer was the sport industry. Yes, as surprising as it can be, the sport is the third world industry. I never thought of sports as an industry, but I realized that in our society it made sense. In the opposition of the persons who believe that professional sports should not be considered a business, I think that professional sports are mostly a big industry because the link between sports and business became stronger and inevitable. Of course there will always be a group of people who will have some arguments against it. Some based their arguments on the history of the sport such as “the first competition came from Greece in 776 B.C and the only reward that they received was a crowed of bay leaves”. Other argument against the sport business was that it went against the Eton College rules, which is a college in England, that states that the sport was mostly a way of surpassing ourselves. And it also went against Coubertin’s philosophy, like the doctor Thomas Rosandich, President of the United States Sports Academy, explained in the Sport Journal. Pierre de Coubertin was a French aristocrat who organized the first Modern Olympic Games in 1896. His famous quote was “The important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle, the essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well” (Coubertin). Finally, they are using the events that happened during the FIFA World Cup of 2010 with the French soccer team, who decided not to train, insulted the coach and really did not care about
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Labi 2 winning the trophy or even playing, to say that all of this happened because of the high salary of the athlete and the money circulating around the sport. My first reason for saying that the link between the sport and the industry is undeniable is because, today, the global popularity of sport has made it a powerful vehicle in the expansion of commercial interest. There is not a sport event without a sponsorship. For
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argumentation essay 4 - Labi 1 English 1101 29 July 2010...

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