lecture7 - EnergyBalance ClosedSystem ME200 ThermodynamicsI...

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9/6/2010 1 Energy Balance Energy Balance –Closed System Closed System ME 200 Thermodynamics I Purdue University , Dr. Tim Pourpoint – [email protected] Lecture 7 September 8 th , 2010 Last Week •De f ined the concept of work , including electrical work and several forms of mechanical work • Concepts of total energy, internal energy, heat transfer Conduction Convection Radiation ME 200 2
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9/6/2010 2 Today’s agenda – Introduce the first law of thermodynamics (energy balances) for Closed Systems This Lecture Experimental observations by Robert Mayer and James P. Joule (19. century): Energy can be neither created nor destroyed during a process, it can only change forms .” Conservation of energy Th Fi t L i tt t ME 200 3 The First Law is a statement: based on experiments and observations cannot be drawn from any other known physical principle recognized as a fundamental principle First Law for Close System • Conservation of Energy (1st Law) for Closed System Recall: Only two types of interactions are possible between a system and its surroundings Heat Transfer (Q): energy transfer due to a temperature difference Work (W): energy transfer by any boundary interaction that is ME 200 4 Can have PE and KE not heat (mechanical, electrical, magnetic…) 00 0 CV in out dm mm dt 
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lecture7 - EnergyBalance ClosedSystem ME200 ThermodynamicsI...

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