IAW Audit Questions 08A

IAW Audit Questions 08A - 3 5 4 CHAPTER a PM in Audit...

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Unformatted text preview: 3 5 4 CHAPTER a PM in]! Audit Questions 8-A NAME November Payroll 1' fir HH' prim-m” [HICXUH saved main/Hr mmiw (IS—s! i' ihnr Naim’ m mimw' Hay [allowing rpu’ifimh [ill' HH’ .Ym’r’m/Jr'i' lmeH. Employee List 1. Wilal is 1hr IllIInht‘I‘ (Di-\Vili‘lilllitiillg aiitm'unt‘t's inl' Mary Nlt'lth'l'? L’. Whal is [innit'r l‘algrrn‘s sin-cl atlth'vss? _ Payroll Report 25. What is Phillip ('vrii'iiih'r. hnurh I'alu} __ _ -l. \'\";S tiu- (“1111:th has pay [01' 1311111121 Phi-1px? _ :3. What is [hi- .\-]mli:'at'v amount wilhhvld f'nr—Ilu' quarlm' l'nr .-\unvm- \\'imcrs} _ Ii. What] is Sit—min \‘bshinu's grass pay I} 11' [ht' quarter? _ __ _ _ _ _ 'F. Vl'hm is Richard Ziim-r'x t'lll'l‘t'lll not pay? _ h’. What is 1hr tum] {'lll'l't‘lll m-l pay I'm' all (-mplui't-vs? _ _ _ ll. What is lilt' luialyjrh‘ gross pay lin' all (unplug-es? Journal Entries Report I“. Whai is [lit amount of the (‘1't":(lil lut'lllpin_\1‘t' l'vthrral inCUH'lt' lax payable? ll. Whal is lhv aninunl ol'lhi- rn-riil In Nit-(lit‘art’ lax payahlv—l ii? IL". Whal is lhc amount nl' lilt' :‘n-tiii In manUiI-t- city ilmnm- lax payable? Perm” CHAPTER 8 3 5 5 December Payroll Use the payroll fife you. saved tender fife name 08—A2 Hitter Name to answer the following questinm‘ fer the December {my-mill. Payroll Report 1. What is the current net pay for Phillip Griffith? 2. What is the current federal withholding amount for Donna Phelps? 3. that is the Medicare amount withheld for the year for Frank Schilling? 4. What is the check number for the check written to Annette Winters? :3! What is the total current amount withheld for dental insurance for all employees? 6. “That is the total yearly Social Security—OASDI withheld for all employees? Journal Entries Report 7. 1What is the amount of the credit to Medicare tax payable—HI? 8. What is the amount of the debit to payroll taxes expense? 9. What is the amount of the credit to salaries payable? Quarterly Report it). What is the taxable Social Security amount for Mary Mettler? 11. What is the total taxable Medicare amount for all employees for the quarter? W—2 Statements 12. What is the amount of state tax shown for Eunice Falgren? 13. What is the federal tax shown for Frank Schilling? 356 CHAPTER 3 I’nj'mfl Savings Planner [4. How many months does it. Iklkt" In saw $200,000.00 based 011 [hr infbrmation prm-fitlctl in [his prt'ahlem? 133. What is the mumth yit'ld for month ("1? ...
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IAW Audit Questions 08A - 3 5 4 CHAPTER a PM in Audit...

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