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Capitalism Supplement Vanova Fort Lauderdale 09-10 [Tournament name] Economic Collapse = De-Dev Movements to localize civilization and end ecological destruction are rapidly gaining strength; global economic collapse is the critical mass for achieving dedevelopment- Trainer 8 Ted Trainer , Senior Lecturer in Sociology at the School of Social Work, University of New South Wales, Modified 9/14/20 08 , Although a minor phenomenon at present , it can be confidently predicted that this paradigm shift will accelerate in coming years given the pace at which the globalisaztion of the economy will make it painfully obvious to more and more people that the old values and systems will not provide well for all . Building new systems. Much more impressive than the evidence of a change in world view is the growth of alternative settlements and systems. As Ife says, " At the grassroots level. ..increasing numbers of people in different countries are experimenting with community-based alternatives, such as local economic systems, community-based education, housing co-operatives. ..a community-based strategy based on principles of ecology and social justice is already emerging, as a result of the initiative of ordinary people at grass-roots level, who are turning away from mainstream structures ..." (Ife, 1995, p. 99.) According to Norberg-Hodge, " Around the world, people are building communities that attempt to get away from the waste, pollution, competition, and violence of contemporary life . (Norberg-Hodge, 1996, p. 405.) The agency she has founded, the International Society for Ecology and Culture, works in Ladakh to reinforce local economies and its video Local Futures, is an inspiring illustration of what is being done in many parts of the world. The New Economic Foundation in London works to promote local economic development, with a special interest in bujilding local quality of life indicators and in establishing local currencies. Schroyer"s book Towards a World That Works (1997) documents many alternative community initiatives. " Everywhere people are waking up to the realities of their situation in a globalising economy and are beginning to recognise that their economies’ resources and socio-political participations must be regrounded in their local and regional communities ." (p. 225) " Everywhere social and economic structures are re-emerging in the midst of the market system that are spontaneously generated social protections to normatively re-embed the market ..." "It is no exaggeration to say that local communities everywhere are on the front lines of what might well be characterised as World War III ." (p. 229.) " It is a contest between the competing goals of economic growth to maximise profits for absentee owners vs creating healthy communities that are good places for people to live ." (p. 230.) " In Britain, over 1.5 million people now take regular part in a rainbow economy of community economic initiatives
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Capitalism+and+de+dev+extras-+practice - Capitalism...

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