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Unformatted text preview: University of Michigan Shared Cap K 7 Week Juniors HPSW CAPITALISM K Nick, Mariah, James, Quinn, Teddy, Tej, Jack University of Michigan Shared Cap K 7 Week Juniors HPSW GENERIC LINKS As long as we pursue humanitarian efforts, we sustain the capitalist system that impoverished those people in the first place- makes all of their impacts inevitable Zizek 08- Senior Researcher at the Institute for Social Studies, Ljubljana (Slavoj, Violence, p 20-24) Above all, liberal communists are true citizens of the world . They are good people who worry . They worry about populist fundamentalists and irresponsible, greedy capitalist corporations. They see the "deeper causes" of today's problems: it is mass poverty and hopelessness which breed fundamentalist terror. So their goal is not to earn money, but to change the world, though if this makes them more money as a by-product, who's to complain ! Bill Gates is already the single greatest benefactor in the history of humanity, displaying his love for neighbours with hundreds of millions freely given to education, and the battles against hunger and malaria. The catch , of course, is that in order to give, first you have to take-or, as some would put it, create. The justification of liberal communists is that in order to really help people, you must have the means to do it , and as experience of the dismal failure of all centralised statist and collectivist approaches teaches, private initiative is the efficient way. So if the state wants to regulate their business, to tax them excessively, is it aware that in this way it is effectively undermining the stated goal of its activity-that is, to make life better for the large majority , to really help those in need? Liberal communists do not want to be just machines for generating profits. They want their lives to have a deeper meaning. They are against old- fashioned religion, but for spirituality, for non-confessional meditation. Everybody knows that Buddhism foreshadows the brain sciences, that the power of meditation can be measured scientifically! Their preferred motto is social responsibility and gratitude: they are the first to admit that society was incredibly good to them by allowing them to deploy their talents and amass wealth, so it is their duty to give something back to society and help people. After all, what is the point of their success, if not to help people ? It is only this caring that makes business success worthwhile ... We need to ask ourselves whether there really is something new here . Is it not merely that an attitude which, in the wild old capitalist days of the U.S. industrial barons, was something of an exception (although not as much as it may appear) has now gained universal currency? Good old Andrew Carnegie employed a private army brutally to suppress organised labour in his steelworks and then distributed large parts of his wealth to educational, artistic, and humanitarian causes . A man of steel, he proved he had a heart of gold. In the same way, ....
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capitalism-k-SHARED-50-pg-Version - University of Michigan...

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