DDI-CJ-Cap-Updates - Capitalism wont implode on itself...

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Capitalism won’t implode on itself – rather, it will be more successful in the coming years Robert Heilbroner is the Norma Thomas Professor of Economics, Emeritus, at the New School for Social Research “The Worldly Philosophers” 19 99 pg 319 And so our discussion leads us to consider the second of the larger questions I posed at the outset of this chapter – namely, the “end” of our subject in terms of its purpose, its aim. If economics is not to be a science of society, what is to be its ultimate social usefulness ? My answer is that its purpose is to help us better understand the capitalist setting in which we will most likely have to shape our collective destiny for the foreseeable future. Having for many years endorsed the ideas and objectives of democratic socialism, that is not an easy assertion for me to make . But given the experience of socialism in its twentieth century forms, it is difficult to expect its benign rebirth in the century to come . Indeed, taking into account the strains and stresses clearly visible in the decades ahead, it is all too likely that any prospective socialism, especially in the less developed areas where its advent is most likely, will again develop tendencies for political megalomania, bureaucratic inertia, and ideological intolerance.
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Capitalism actually solves for war: Doug Bandow “Spreading Capitalism Is Good for Peace” November 10, 20 05 http://www.cato.org/pub_display.php?pub_id=5193 The shift from statist mercantilism to high-tech capitalism has transformed the economics behind war . Markets generate economic opportunities that make war less desirable. Territorial aggrandizement no longer provides the best path to riches. Free-flowing capital markets and other aspects of globalization simultaneously draw nations together and raise the economic price of military conflict. Moreover, sanctions, which interfere with economic prosperity, provides a coercive step short of war to achieve foreign policy ends. . Positive economic trends are not enough to prevent war, but then, neither is democracy. It long has been obvious
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DDI-CJ-Cap-Updates - Capitalism wont implode on itself...

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