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Unformatted text preview: UTNIF 2009 TOPICALITY Index The most important stuff in the file is the Showcase Violations at the front. Net Increase is a violation against affs that just change the method of implementing of social services without mandating a quantitative increase in the total amount (i.e., Privatization). Marriage Promotion Net Increase is that violation with blocks specifically tailored against Ban Marriage Promotion. The TANF Poverty violation argues TANF is extratopical (unreform welfare, Privatization, Marriage Promotion, The Survivors Monstrosity). The last violation is very similar to the TANF Poverty but also includes a violation for affs that change the definition of poverty (i.e., The Survivors Monstrosity). Many of the blocks from TANF Poverty would also apply to the last violation although you would have to insert some more arguments specific to the additional violation. Showcase Violations Net Increase 26 Marriage Promotion Net Increase 712 TANF Poverty 1322 Changing Poverty Line/TANF 2324 More violations Social Services aint cash 2526 USFG not courts 2728 Subsets 29 Increase is preexisting 3031 Poverty Guideline Extratopicality 32 Beyond Breadth v Depth Competing Interpretations Bad 33 Competing Interpretations Good 34 Kritiks of Topicality A2 Kritik of Topicality 3538 Fairness Good 39 A2 Unfairness Inevitable 40 A2 Fairness Good 4142 Definitions Galore Resolved 43 The 44 United States 45 Federal Government 4647 Should 48 Substantially 4953 Increase 54 Social Services 5563 For 64 Persons 6566 Living 67 In 68 Poverty 6973 Bonus: Objectivity/Quantitative Standard Good 74-75 UTNIF 2009 TOPICALITY Net Increase Topicality 1NC A. Interpretation: The affirmative must quantitatively increase the amount of social services provided by the federal government. Wordnet 20 06. < http://wordnetweb.princeton.edu/perl/webwn?s=increase> Increase : Addition, gain, a quantity that is added . B. Violation: They change the methods of social services, but doesnt produce a net increase to social services. TANF is distributed as a block grant to the states, and the affirmative doesnt increase the size of that block grant Urban Institute 2009 [http://www.urban.org/publications/310991.html] Between President Bush's FY 2005 budget and pending congressional legislation, at least 10 different block grant proposals are up for consideration by national policymakers. Block grants are fixed-sum federal grants to state and local governments that give them broad flexibility to design and implement designated programs. Federal oversight and requirements are light, and funds are allocated among recipient governments by formula. Most federal aid is currently distributed to state and local governments as categorical grants, which may also be allocated by formula but can only be used for rather narrowly defined purposes....
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utnif-topicality-file - UTNIF 2009 TOPICALITY Index The...

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