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California State University, San Marcos College of Business Administration FIN 304-2 Introduction to Corporate Finance Fall 2010 Instructor: Dr. Wenyuh Tsay Class Time: M & W, 0900-1050 Office: 356 Markstein Hall Class Room: MARK 101 Phone: 750-4222 Office Hours: Monday, 1100-1300 E-Mail: or by appointment I. COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course is the foundation course in the field of finance. It introduces you the basics of the financing and investment decisions of financial managers. Included are topics such as financial mathematics, net present value, capital budgeting, valuation of financial securities, risk and return, cost of capital, capital structure, dividend policy, working capital management, and international corporate finance. This course will be one of the most challenging and rigorous courses in your business program. Unlike some courses in which you may be familiar with most of the concepts from your daily experience, you will encounter new concepts and terminologies in this course. In addition, most topics are quantitative in nature. This means that you need to work hard and keep up with the pace of the course. My past experience suggests that if you lag behind the class schedule, it would be very difficult to catch up. II. COURSE REQUIREMENTS AND PROCEDURES: A. Prerequisites The pre-requisites for this course are listed in the course catalogue. The instructor reserves the right to administratively drop, at any point, any student who has not met the prerequisites. Students choosing to withdraw from this course are responsible for doing so according to university procedures and deadlines. B. Course Materials - Required text: Fundamentals of Corporate Finance , Ninth Edition, by Ross, Westerfield, and Jordan, 2010, Irwin McGraw-Hill. (It is fine to use a previous edition, but your submitted homework should be based on the current end-of-chapter problems since numbers have been changed.) - A subscription to the Wall Street Journal and a financial calculator (either TI BA II Plus or HP 10B) are highly recommended. Reading newspapers/periodicals is a good way to begin a lifelong pattern of professional reading. We will discuss significant financial events as they occur. C. On-Line Access Lecture notes and other supplemental materials are available for on-line access on the school web site. The URL address is ; the user name is pupil , and the password is perseus . Solutions to the end-of-the-chapter problems will be posted on the web after home work is collected. D. In the Classroom You are expected to read the material before the day on which it is discussed in class. You will be responsible for the material and all reading assignments regardless of whether or not they are covered in lecture. Additionally, I supplement textbook with material introduced in lecture and you are responsible for all material presented in class. To encourage class participation and keeping informed of current issues, I will award extra
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SYL304-2-10F(2) - California State University, San Marcos...

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