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Ex. 4 pGrammam workshop - 6. During the toast, the retiring...

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Exercise 4: Pronoun Agreement 1. The young woman who represented the company did not show up for the meeting. 2. The book was in bad shape; its binding was broken. 3. The instructor finally told the students that their final projects were graded and ready to be distributed. 4. Because the lawyers were hurried, they rushed to conclude the meeting before all the items on the agenda were addressed. 5. The teenager exclaimed giddily, “He’s my favorite performer!”
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Unformatted text preview: 6. During the toast, the retiring businessman reflected on his last 30 years that he spent at the company. 7. He and his best friend went camping up north over the weekend. 8. The embarrassed girl admitted, The intruder was I. 9. The horse was in bad shape because his leg was severely damaged in the barbed wire. 10. The child was so excited that he exclaimed, That proves magic is real!...
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