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Exercise 1 Appendix Ap - multiple languages and have...

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L i f e o f J u d y P a g e 1 Life of Judy Judy Student Axia College of University of Phoenix
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Life of Judy Page 2 Making the decision to return to school was not an easy decision, but returning to school will create a better future for my family and me. Trying to get a college degree while I have to work full-time and raise children will be a challenge. This challenge will be worth the hard work ; however, the future will be better for all of us. Learning new skills and knowledge is something that is required every day in my job. Currently, I am not eligible for promotions because I do not have the necessary college degree. Also, when I try to compete with others for jobs that do not require a college degree, the other applicants have some type of formal education on their résumés that outweighs my background. I want this college degree so I can compete with others for the jobs for which I am qualified. Today’s employment market is filled with talented people who have various degrees, speak
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Unformatted text preview: multiple languages, and have varying experience levels. Without a degree, it will become more difficult as I get older to find a position I not only enjoy, but that also allows me to provide for my family. My Educational Goals At the end of my degree program, I hope that I gain skills in three areas: critical thinking, writing, and collaboration. Of these three areas, I think my critical thinking skills need the most attention. I need to work on my ability to look at other options, to ask open-ended questions, and my ability to do research . To develop my critical thinking skills, the first thing I need to so is develop some type of study schedule. I usually am very busy from 6 a.m. to 7 a.m. because I have to get my children off to school. I am thinking that studying in the evenings and during my lunch hours will give me the best chance of being able to focus on my school work....
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Exercise 1 Appendix Ap - multiple languages and have...

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