ppExercise 1 Personal Finance Goals

ppExercise 1 Personal Finance Goals - have a bank account...

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Type of goal Description of goal Amount needed to achieve goal Time frame (months) Steps to achieve goal Short-term financial goal (less than 1 year) Pay off my account with Block Buster that my little brother ran up. $200.00 6 months Find out where to send the money and close account. Do not let my brother use my name anymore Medium-term financial goal (1– 3 years) Pay off my Bank (this includes my credit card) so I can
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Unformatted text preview: have a bank account. Get my credit score up. $3000.00 24 months Talk to bank and see if there is a payment plan i can do so it can be off of my credit score Long-term financial goal (5 or more years) Get a Savings fund so I can have emergency money $200.00 per month or $10,000.00 48 months Put away $200.00 every month Ashley K. Jobe [email protected] Eastern Time Zone...
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