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University of Phoenix Material Appendix B Exercise 3 Student Worksheet The Specialized Database 1. You need to find information related to market research for a specific company/industry. ___F__ a) Criminal Justice Abstracts 2. You want information regarding the painter, Pablo Picasso. ___E____ b. ERIC 3. You are taking an introductory geography course and your instructor has assigned you to write a paper about Argentina – the customs and culture. ___G___ c. Testing and Education Reference
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Unformatted text preview: Center 4. You are writing a paper that requires you to research information related to company profiles, industry profiles and country profiles ___D____ d. IBISWorld 5. You need to develop a list of resources related to high school education. ___B___ e. Oxford Art Online 6. You need to develop a list of resources related to criminal justice. ___A___ f. MarketLine Business Information Center 7. You are thinking about taking some advanced placement tests/CLEP. ___C____ g. Culturegrams...
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