HP 431 midterm 2 2010

HP 431 midterm 2 2010 - Name: HP 431 Spring 2010 Midterm 2...

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HP 431 Name: Spring 2010 Midterm 2 Due: by 5 pm, Monday, 5/3/2010 Directions: Read each question carefully. The CDC Social Marketing and logic model materials are available on Blackboard as a series of PDF files. Your answers should be concise, to the point and should answer the question. You are welcome to work with each other, but make sure your answer is your answer. Last fall, Lincoln University made the news 1 when they announced that any student with a BMI of 30 or greater would be required to take a fitness and nutrition class in order to graduate. The story created a great deal of controversy and Lincoln reversed its decision to implement the required fitness class for students with a 30+ BMI. One argument made by many individuals and groups was that an “acceptable” BMI did not necessarily equal good health as someone could have an unhealthy diet and be sedentary even with a BMI less than 25. Another concern was that Anglo-European body ideals were being applied to African-Americans, which a number of Lincoln students found upsetting (Lincoln is a predominately African-American university). Others stated the fitness class was a good idea as long as it was offered to everyone regardless of body size. You are part of a team hired to develop a lifestyle class for Lincoln University that will be available to all
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HP 431 midterm 2 2010 - Name: HP 431 Spring 2010 Midterm 2...

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