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Joel Khan Apple Computers 9/13/10 Apple is an interesting company to watch because not only are their products innovative, but the best Apple products create entirely new markets. Sure, there were mobile applications for sale before the App Store, for example, but the App Store transformed how mobile apps are advertised, sold and distributed, just like iTunes transformed the way music was distributed. Yet, it’s important to remember that Apple doesn’t hit it out of the park every time. Granted, most of Apple’s most memorable flops (The Newton, the Pippin, the 20th Anniversary Edition Macintosh) happened before Steve Jobs returned to the company in 1997, but even the Jobsian one has introduced a clunker or two. We decided to track down five of Apple’s biggest hits and five of Apple’s biggest misses of the last ten years. The Hits: iMac: First introduced in 1998, the iMac continues to be one of Apple’s biggest success stories. The most recent edition, the 21.5″ and 27″ iMacs started flying off shelves when released in October and it is still difficult to get a quad-core 27″ iMac (there is currently a 3-week delay). I’m writing this post on a 27″ i7 iMac and it really is a perfect fusion of form and function. Throughout the years, Johnny Ive and the design team at Apple have managed to pack more and more of a computer into less and less space. The current iMac differs very little in appearance from the Apple Cinema Display. iPod: In October 2001, Apple introduced the iPod with the simple premise, 1000 songs in your pocket. It was pricey, Mac only, but utterly game-changing. When the second-generation iPod was released in September of 2002, support for Windows was added. Once iTunes and the iTunes Store were brought into the mix, white ear buds went from being a rarity to just downright ubiquitous. The iPod is still the best selling MP3 player on the market by a huge margin and comes in three different varieties — and that’s without even counting the iPhone and the iPod touch. iTunes: What started as a Mac music player in the latter days of OS 9 has become a content distribution juggernaut. Tying together movies, music, mobile apps, ringtones, audio books and podcasts in one place, plus making it dead simple to transfer to your iPod or iPhone, iTunes is one of the most powerful pieces of media management software around.
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TM583 Apple Assignment Week 2 - Joel Khan Apple Computers...

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