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Theatre Review - Beadle 1 De Andre Beadle David Co...

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Beadle 1 De Andre’ Beadle David Co Elegantly Organized Chaotic Women The initial purpose of experimental plays is to immerse the mind in understanding that the perceived distance of the world between the characters and the audience is nonexistent. Director Robert E. Lee Jr.’s most recent play M: Purged—Ritualistic grabs the attention of the audience with continuous contemporary movement. Lee utilizes unique design elements that transmit the play’s experimental style and his exploration of the Euripides Greek myth Medea. M: Purged— Ritualistic distinctively allows the viewer to comprehend the emotional and physical pain that women endure while making a connection between the past and prudent examples of the present. The overall concept of the production is to allow the viewer to comprehend the pain that woman endure through love. The play meticulously illuminates its concept with the enraged feelings of the scorned lover, Medea, and what provokes her vicious acts. The playwright uses Medea as the foundation of the play and alludes to clever examples particular to our current culture and affiliation with Louisiana. The modern examples are used to show that many women experience various occurrences with pain—both emotional and physical. Important issues such as infanticide, unfaithful love, complicity, and infamy are addressed in the play. Evidence
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Theatre Review - Beadle 1 De Andre Beadle David Co...

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