Origins_of_Political_Consciousness - Origins of Political...

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Unformatted text preview: Origins of Political Consciousness Tribalism-Humans began existence as t ribes. > Tribal form of consciousness is based upon the pronoun we. >I, or self-, consciousness does not exist in primitive tribal existence. >The t ribe shares responsibilities and obligations; groups rather than individuals are punished for misdoings, etc.-At some moment, t ribalism was forever shifted by the development of self- awareness in human beingsthis forever altered the course of the political nature in mankind. Principle of Subjectivity >Awareness of self emerges > Individualism, autonomy, and independence become traits of humans > Others are seen as others, youman makes distinction between individual entities. >Unknown when this radical shift in consciousness took place; unimportant in the larger scheme of human history howeverthe fact that this development occurred at all permanently altered the human psychology. >This development of individualism was accompanied by other feelings estrangement, or a sense of loss and separation as human beings recognized their individual nature and became separated from their...
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Origins_of_Political_Consciousness - Origins of Political...

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