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This study guide is meant to be an aid for studying for test # 3. There will be some material that was covered thoroughly in class and some that you will possibly read about for the first time as you answer these questions. The final test will be similar to the others – multiple choice, matching, true/false and some short answer. CHAPTER 12: FINANCE, ECONOMICS, AND BUDGETING - Knowledge that there are three types of financial statements – the names of them. - Components of balance sheet – assets, liabilities, owner’s equity. - Macroeconomics – business cycles, expansion, recession, peak, trough, interest rates, inflation rates - Microeconomics – supply/demand; structure of sport business: profit, nonprofit, corporations, partner ships, sole proprietorships; meaning of economic impact - Economic terms: goods, services, economic interaction, markets - Be familiar with the types and aspects of revenues and expenses that are unique in the sport industry (p.287-289) CHAPTER 13: SPORT FACILITY AND EVENT MANAGEMENT
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