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PSY 220 Humility Action Plan The quality of humility strengthens us in our daily lives and affords us richer interpersonal interactions. Our lives can be happier and fuller when we carry ourselves with humility. Personal humility is a quality that can be harnessed and engendered. It benefits others as much as it benefits us. The 12 factor action plan contains elements that help us to become more humble in our daily lives. Admit Bias: By evaluating yourself in a neutral manner you can overcome pride. Eliminating bias gives you better access to your own weakness and gives you a more realistic perspective on your strengths. Seek accurate feedback: Seek criticism and feedback from others. Other people can help you find constructive ways to develop the positive aspects of your personality and skills and to reduce the effects of negative aspects. Learn to laugh at ourselves: Remember that no one is perfect. We have to be able to see our foibles as well as our strengths.
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