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The Official Language Movement The United States being a multicultural country it is not a big surprise that more world languages are spoken here as anywhere else and in the end that is also what makes this country so unique. For example, Morris (1998) argues, “Bilingual education is a classic example of an experiment that was begun with the best of humanitarian intentions, but has turned out to be terribly wrongheaded. Bilingual education programs produce higher levels of student achievements in reading (pg. 243). Although, some people would prefer for their children to only speak, learn English rather than open up their minds to any other languages. It is very important these days for children to know more than one language due to all of the immigrants migrating into our States. We have a very high percentage of Foreigner’s whom come into our Country, so I believe they should make a valid effort to learn our language and we should also be fair and try to learn theirs as well. I hope that the world is more open-minded these days because of
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