Wk6 Changing Perspective Assignment

Wk6 Changing Perspective Assignment - Changing Perspective...

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Changing Perspective 1 Changing Perspective Shawn Henry PSY/220 Sept. 05, 2010 Nicole Jones
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There are many factors that can influence an individual’s personal view on a situation. Often, these factors include a person’s religious, cultural, or personal beliefs and/or values. The mood and personality of a person also can play a significant role in how something is viewed and interpreted. An issue that is an example of how an individual may perceive something is "Bodies, the Exhibition," that has toured around the world. This exhibit of real human bodies that are “turned inside out” after a person has passed away, has stirred a debate of the moral and educational value the exhibit brings, causing controversy between the supporters and critics. Individuals in support of the bodies’ exhibit provide that the preserved bodies serve as a way to make people more aware of the human body. Supporters see the display as a way to influence the lives of the people who currently exist. The critics who are opposed to the exhibit see it more as an immoral and unethical display to transform dead bodies into something to display to the public. Based on interviews with visitors at the exhibit, most showed a positive attitude towards the displays presented in the museum. Those interviewed also provided that see the lifestyles of other people turned inside out, gives them a perspective of what
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Wk6 Changing Perspective Assignment - Changing Perspective...

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