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Legacy - Legislation Legacy Tribal Nation Conference On...

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Legislation Legacy Tribal Nation Conference On November 5, 2009 a Tribal Nation Conference was held in Washington D.C. that brought together all over the Native American Heads of State including National Congress of American Indians President/Lieutenant Governor Jefferson Keel of the Chickasaw Tribe in South Central Oklahoma. President Obama’s makes promises to Indian Country during the conference with Native leaders last fall was one of the biggest Native American news events of the year. The United States White House (n.d.) website http://www.whitehouse.gov/photos-and- video/video/president-obama-opens-tribal-nations-conference According to Capriccioso “Last year, for FY 2010, Congress enacted historic increases to important programs that are essential to tribes, especially during this time of economic recession,” says Jefferson Keel, National Congress of American Indians president and lieutenant governor of the Chickasaw Nation.”
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