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1.) The difference between Muslims and Arabs is Muslims embrace the religion Islam, which then makes the Muslims part of a religious sect. Muslims also have the ability to speak many native languages. The ones who consider themselves Arabs dwell or own land in the Arabian regions, speak the Arabian language, and are given the option of deciding on the faith or religion they intend on following (Difference Between, 2010). 2.) A change the United States has made to policies is when the proposed Justice Department changed their policy to allowing the FBI to investigate Americans with no evidence of them doing anything wrong. An anti-terrorism investigation can be opened on anyone who has what is deemed a “suspicious background” (Ghazali, 2008). 3.) Two characteristics are spirituality and the diversity in terms of people. These characteristics create stereotypes and then this is where the hate crimes are committed. This stems from people not having proper knowledge of the different culture or race and creating a
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Unformatted text preview: negative stereotypical background against them due to individual acts. 4.) In order to promote tolerance and reduce prejudice it is best to create awareness and educate in social groups, events, schools, and communities. The more information about the different cultures the better it would be because instead of one individual creating a stereotype about the certain culture or race, there would be enough support to show there is more to it than just that. References Difference Between. (2010). Difference Between Muslims and Arabs. Retrieved June 17, 2010 from website: http://www.differencebetween.net/miscellaneous/difference-between-muslims-and-arabs/ Ghazali, Abdus S. (2008). American Muslims alarmed at the new profiling policy. Retrieved June 17, 2010 from website: http://www.amp-oneb.ghazali.net/html/new_profiling_policy.html...
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Untitled 1 (4) - negative stereotypical background against...

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