Intelligence vs. Wisdom

Intelligence vs. - a person Its not right to hit anyone or anything A person learns emotional intelligence and learns how to control their anger By

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The public figure I chose for this assignment would be Chris Brown. He recently was found out to be a man that hits women. He is originally a Hip Hop singer. He may be a talented singer but an awful boyfriend. He made a bad judgment of hitting his current girlfriend Rihanna. I believe he was lacking in emotional intelligence. Part of Emotional Intelligence is managing your emotions. He obviously was angry and couldn’t control his anger. Therefore, he decided to hit his girlfriend. The aspect of wisdom that Chris Brown lacked that contributed to his lack of judgment was obviously hitting a woman. However, the question is still lacking the answer of WHY is his not wise. Its obviously wrong in society that hitting a person is not a good idea. A person usually learns not to hit at an early age but also sometimes religion comes into play making definitely not a good idea. It is part of social training learning not to hit
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Unformatted text preview: a person. Its not right to hit anyone or anything. A person learns emotional intelligence and learns how to control their anger. By hitting anyone it shows a lack of respect, a lack of control and sometimes even intelligence. If you act unintelligent and don’t know right from wrong, then you are obviously unwise. I had to read about it to figure it out myself and found a good answer that could fit in, “….but men are considered (or consider themselves) to be stronger and more dominant than women while women are seen as weak and vulnerable. So people think that it's wrong to take advantage of a woman that way. Probably men were able to think of themselves as better people by showing they would not hurt the weak. And that's why it's wrong for men to hit women.”...
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