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My relationship with my girlfriend has definitely had its ups and downs. We’ve been together now for almost 4 years and are going to get married one day. Throughout the years, we’ve discovered our own strategies to strengthen our relationship and a lot of them are identified in the text. The ones I am going to focus on are carving out time to talk, handling conflicts constructively, expressing admiration, and showing affection. We both work a lot and I am in school as well so carving out time to talk can be a challenge. We try to go out to dinner at the restaurant down the street once a week to have some time to sit and talk. It’s so important to discuss the week we’ve had and anything exciting or stressful on our minds. It brings us closer and keeps the lines of communication open. I am currently in a therapy group about
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Unformatted text preview: interpersonal effectiveness ( I am learning to lead a DBT group at a psychiatric hospital) and the worksheets about handling conflict constructively are on our refrigerator. They serve as a reminder to resolve the little problems before they escalate and to do it in a way that is constructive and doesn’t involve yelling or putting the other person down. We are also very good at expressing admiration. It helps boost the confidence of the other person and lift them up. It’s a way of reassuring the other person that you love them and are happy with them. Showing affection is very similar. It also reassures the other person of your love for them and appreciation of your life together....
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