subordinate group - Subordinate Groups: Mexican Americans...

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Subordinate Groups: Mexican Americans and Puerto Ricans United States is the freedom country and the country of opportunity. Since the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries the United States receiving immigrants which emigrant to be free and able to help their families economically. The Mexican Americans and the Puerto Rican migrant to this country en search of their own freedoms. They are very different between but equal in a thing belonging to a subordinate group. The Mexican Americans come to this country for the migration. The Mexican Americans emigrant to this country through the desert, River, or any means of transport in which risk their lives. The rate of mordant on the border of Mexico and the United States is almost one person per day; caused by the heat, the dehydration, and the fatigue caused by exposure to the heat of the desert. The Mexican Americans come seeking to improve their economic situation. The globalization of the economy to fact that Mexican Americans émigré further north in search of work already in his country is earning $ 1.50 a day. The economy has devalued the Mexican peso caused that they live in extreme poverty. In the 1994 be devalued the Mexican peso that caused a greater emigrations of Mexican Americans in the United State. The forced economic migration affects both Mexico and the United States in the configuration political, social, and
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subordinate group - Subordinate Groups: Mexican Americans...

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