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College Source essay - Kurby 1 Kurby Johnson Ms Stoker...

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Kurby 1 Kurby Johnson Ms. Stoker English 104-537 14 September 2010 Is Four Years of College Worth All the Trouble? The overview in the article “ The Value of a College Education” written by Thomas J. Billitteri, focuses on higher education. He explores the many educational paths students can choose apart from the traditional and rigorous four- year degrees and the income that associates with each path. Using a multitude of diverse sources from Mike Rowe to college professors, Billitteri dispels “the fundamental requirement (of a bachelor’s degree) for achieving the American Dream.”(Billitteri) A credible source used numerous times is Obama. His views on education in this address to a joint session of congress bolster the need for education of all kinds. He associates higher education as a building block to improve the economy and control America’s debt. However, Billitteri integration of Obama’s speech weakens the strength in Obama’s words and along with excessive use of sources, conveys the writer as uneducated about the topic and diminishes Billitteri’s stance on higher education. Obama’s speech is not optimized in this article due to its placement behind professor Edwin L. Herr quote. Herr is advocating the importance of skills and recognizes that “ there (…) are ways to obtain those skills other than a four year college.” (Billitteri) He confounds the belief that a college degree means more income and instead
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College Source essay - Kurby 1 Kurby Johnson Ms Stoker...

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