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18-220 Fall 2008 ________________________________________________________________________ HW SET #5 (DUE AT THE BEGINNING OF CLASS, OCT 13) ________________________________________________________________________ Reading : Circuit Analysis and Applications, Chapter 4; Chapter 5 to pg. 63. Note: All submitted homework must include your full name, first name first, last name last; lab section; and recitation section if different from your lab section, printed in the
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Unformatted text preview: upper right-hand corner. Problems: Chapter 4: problems 1 a-c; 2, 6, and the following (the first #8 in the text): 8. The circuit below uses an op amp having A = 10 5 , r o = 100 , and r i = infinity. a) Obtain an expression for the output resistance in terms of A and the resistor values. b) Evaluate the numerical value of the output resistance. + O v + I v k 500 + k 1 Chapter 5: problems 1 a-c, 2 a,b....
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