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18-418: Electric Energy Processing: Fundamentals and Applications Fall Semester, 2009 Homework # 3 Due on the class of September, 22 nd Problem (1) A farmer decides that he is paying too much for electricity. He estimates his daily electric energy consumption to be 336 kWh. He also has hot spring on his property with water temperature of 93C. If the average sir temperature is 22C, what should be the minimum water flow rate to satisfy his energy needs? Water specific heat is 4.18J/gC.
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Unformatted text preview: Problem (2) What is the energy difference of the excited Pu-239 (mass 239.052157+ neutron mass 1.008665) and stable Pu-240 (mass 240.053807)? Problem (3) Three phase transformer rated 75 MVA, 38.1/3.81 kV per phase is connected -Y with a balanced three phase load, the resistance of load is 0.6 /phase, load connected as Y. choose a base of 75MVA, 66 KV for the high side of transformer. Calculate the per unit resistance of the load....
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