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HW5 - the generator has capacity 330 MW Assume flat...

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18-418: Electric Energy Processing: Fundamentals and Applications Fall Semester, 2009 Homework # 5 Due on the class of October, 21 st Problem (1) Three bus system is shown in figure 5-1, generators are connected at buses 1 and 2, the base values are 100MVAand 200kV. The line data give in table (1). Figure 5-1 Table 1 Line Resistance ( Ω) Reactance (Ω) 1-2 0.6 6 1-3 1.2 12 2-3 0.0652 1 Load 1 connected to bus 2 with rating 600MW and 300Mvar. Load 2 connected to bus 3 with rating 500MW and 150Mvar. The voltage magnitude at bus 2 is controlled to be 204 kV and
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Unformatted text preview: the generator has capacity 330 MW. Assume flat starting. Calculate: a) Admittance Matrix. b) Incidence matrix and reduce incidence matrix. c) Distribution Factors. d) Line flows in the system. Problem (2) For the system in problem (1), calculate AC load flow with respect to a) Bus 1 is slack bus with initial voltage is 1 . b) Bus1 is slack bus with initial voltage is 5 1 . Two iterations are enough....
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